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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

TidebuyReviews-Day Dresses

Prefer buying classy type of day dress to improve the look of your personality in more real way. These day dresses can be worn for any special occasions. Tidebuy provides several collections of day dresses with mind catchy designs. If you are invited for a wedding, you can shine like a celebrity by wearing this day dresses for wedding. Any person who wishes to attend any type of wedding celebration can buy these classy dresses for Labor Day wedding. Every young woman loves to look so pretty and special on Valentine’s Day. Your desire will be fulfilled when you buy this Valentine’s Day dresses for dating from Tidebuy which is available for very low price. Stylish fat women can pick fashionable day costumes from the Christmas day dresses plus size sales. Winter day dresses on sale provides you extraordinary sets of day outfits. Look so graceful by wearing this colorful day costumes.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Would you like to show pictures of you to win free gifts?

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All the buyers that have received items could take part in this contest.
1. Share your positive experience HERE.
Note: The reference number required could be your order number.

2. After your feedback is published, please show pictures of you at Facebook and don't forget to @Tidebuy Reviews at your Facebook

3. We'll select the winners according to the queue of pictures we received from and everyone will have big chance to be the winner. We'll announce the winner list in next post.

4.Contest Time:  8:00 AM 30th, June to 00:00 AM 15th, July PST.

5. Tidebuy reserves the right to final interpretation.

6. Every winner could get one gift and gifts are listed as follows:

The 1st prize would be 1 winners (Select one gift from No.1-No.4)

The 2nd prize would be 2 winners (Select one gift from No.1-No.3)

The 3rd prize would be 3 winners(Select one gift from No.1-No.3 )

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

9 Items Every Woman Must Have

When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing more important than the items we choose as our go-to items. You know, the ones we really rely on when we’re in a pickle. The ones that we can throw on at a moment’s notice and know we look good. There are certain items that every woman needs to own to make life that bit easier. Here’s a list of things women shouldn’t go without.

                                                             Image source

Black Blazer

A black blazer is one of those items that you can dress up or dress down. Put it on with a smart pair of trousers when you need to look your best for work or throw it on with a pair of jeans and heels for meal out with friends. When you find a blazer that’s tailored for your size and fits you like a glove, you’ll wear it until you start to see holes


It doesn’t matter what your style is. Whether you prefer floral or leopard print, a stylish scarf is a must have item for every woman. Pair a bright and patterned scarf with a plain white t-shirt and jeans and you’ve got yourself a look that will never go out of style. It’s simple, casual and comfortable, so you’re sure to make use of it regularly.

Colored Flats

Flats are so easy to throw on when you’re in a rush. They also look great with a pair of jeans, or even a mid-length A lined skirt. Most people will stay with safe colors, like black. But, investing in a pair of colored flats will help you to add that pop of color that most people are missing. Go for red, blue, green or pastel pink and match your other accessories to your shoes. You’ve then got a go-to outfit without having to think about it.

A Watch

The practicality of watches went out the window when smartphones were created. We very rarely need a watch to tell the time anymore. But, there’s something so elegant about a pretty watch on a woman’s wrist. Women’s jewelry is an important part of creating an outfit, but a watch isn’t something you need to ponder on every morning. Just strap it on and away you go.

Statement Necklace

Every woman needs that one necklace that turns heads. There is so much choice out there when it comes to finding your perfect statement piece, but it’s important to look for something versatile. Stick to colorless pieces so you can match them with any outfit. Go for gold, rose gold or silver and stick to ivory’s, pearls or black. They’re the pieces that you can pick up and put with anything to make a statement.

Little Black Dress

The whole point of a little black dress is versatility. You need a black dress in your wardrobe that you can pull out for any occasion; a cocktail party, a wedding, a funeral. It may take you years to find the perfect black dress, but when you do, it’ll be your go-to dress when all the other dresses fail. If you’re lucky, you may find two.


Sunglasses aren’t just for keeping your eyes out of the sun anymore. In fact, most celebrities are spotted wearing them at airports during the early hours of the morning, likely to stop the paparazzi seeing the black circles under their eyes. Take a look at this article about how to pair your sunglasses with your outfit. There’s nothing like waking up on a day off and knowing you can wear sunglasses all day long.


Don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t ever need a pair of tights. Having a trusty pair of tights in your wardrobe may just save your life one day (not literally). Imagine you’re getting ready to go to a wedding when you notice some horrific tan lines on your legs. A good pair of opaque tights will save the day and you can put them with any outfit, no matter what color or pattern.

Trench Coat

A good trench coat is stylish and classic, no matter what you’ve got on underneath. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, you should always have a trench coat on hand. Most women go for the classic cream or beige colors, but there are plenty more options out there. 
Keeping all of these go-to items handy will mean you don’t have to worry on the days where you haven’t got time to make an effort.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

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